Members Spotlight #1

In the run up to our Summer Open Studios on Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th June (11am - 6pm) we are previewing a few of the artists and members taking part !

Come and meet the makers at our open studios. Get a glimpse inside the hive of creativity which is our spare street studios, with artists and makers from photographers, print makers and paintings to costume designers and puppet makers. Our café space will also host work from our members along with stalls selling prints, glitter butts and hats – to name a few!


David Horgan

David Horgan Memoirs of a geisha

David is a Peckham based artist and illustrator interested in pattern, line, stories and animals. He developed his love of drawing whilst training as an architect in Manchester. After seven years training David worked as an architect building schools for several years. Now working within architectural sales David spends the rest of his time playing guitar and drawing using pen and ink. His favourite medium is the humble Biro. 

David is a member of the thriving East London Exhibition Collective, which hosts regular workshops and a bi-annual exhibition and regularly exhibits all over London.

David loves drawing animals and has a special affinity for those animals who are either maligned, endangered or hunted; from his ‘Punk Fox’ to his Stag series, to his anthropomorphic Rhino.

David is currently developing his "Books I've Never Read" series, which takes classic, acclaimed book titles, ranging from the cult to the popular- those books which he feels he ‘really should have read’-and attempts to interpret their themes and narratives based on reading only the back-cover blurb. With this project David aims to engage those who have read the titles and may recognise familiar imagery relating to their consciousness and memory of the novel and it’s themes, as well as too inspire those who have not read the books to do so, perhaps others will wonder ‘what the hell was he thinking’! The next stage of David’s project after drawing the books ‘blind’ is to actually read them.

Rachel Littlewood


Rachel Littlewood is a London based designer & risographer. Her work is mainly print based, and she also enjoys working on exhibitions, producing installations, and running workshops. She takes on projects with a bold, colourful approach, and uses her love of riso printing as inspiration for her work. 

Sam Dawood

Sam Dawood

Sam Dawood is a multimedia artist with a background in performance design and technical arts. Having studied at both Central Saint Martins and Wimbledon College of Art, her work crosses multiple disciplines. She works as a freelance artist specialising in fabrication and figurative sculpture.

Sam sells her sculptures as part of her shop 'Jesus And The Dinosaur'. Mostly consisting of butts and boobs (and lots of glitter) - her work explores gender diversity, desexualisation of the nude and reactions to nudity.

Get your hand on your very own glitter butt at our open studios ;-)

Naoya Inose 

Naoya Inose

Naoya Inose graduated from Tokyo University of Arts and UAL Chelsea College of Art And Design, London, MA (Fine art) where he specialised in Oil Painting and is currently based in London. His works are included in the Takahashi Collection and in the Benetton Foundation. Inose’s work explores the tension between the natural world and its grasping appropriation by human influence. Inose uses oil painting techniques to create both meticulously realistic landscapes and abstract oil paintings on canvas. His works of art create an inquiry of our relationship and understanding of nature. Inose also creates a debate on the role of the original masterpieces and how this has changes in the contemporary postmodern world.