Members Spot Light #2

In the run up to our Summer Open Studios on Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th June (11am - 6pm) we are previewing just a few of our members taking part ! This is the second edition of our members spotlight blog posts, see last week for edition no. 1 :-)

Come and meet the makers at our open studios. Get a glimpse inside the hive of creativity which is our spare street studios, with artists and makers from photographers, print makers and paintings to costume designers and puppet makers. Our café space will also host work from our members along with stalls selling prints, glitter butts and hats – to name a few!

Liberty Antonia Sadler 


Liberty Antonia works with mediums of drawing, text and moving image to explore issues of 21st century body politics, with a focus on the experience of living in a large ‘femme’ body in a ‘photo-shopped’ world; the new visual rhetoric of perfection through digital manipulation. Working within a socio-political context, her work uses character and playfulness to discuss themes of food, queerness, ‘femininity’, vulnerability and sexuality.

Liberty Antonia’s work aims to open discussion about femmeness, imperfection and inequality; the use of humour as a technique of critique is the basis of Liberty Antonia’s practice, aiming to use it as a device to answer the unspoken dogma of one’s body being one’s collateral and to challenge the male gaze. In homage to the traditions of political satire, often included within her pen & digital colour drawings and performance video pieces, are slogans & text, to combine word & image in the creation of ‘Fine Art comedy’  with works exploring, at times, controversial issues such as eating disorders, fatphobia, fetish & body dysmorphia. 

Liberty Antonia combines societal frameworks and the use of archetypes with first person subjective undertones to create characters that act as contemporary fables and become the commedia dell'arte of the Art Film present.

Liberty Antonia Sadler is an artist & filmmaker based in London, she studied B.A.(Hons) Performance Design & Practice, Central Saint Martins & M.A. Fine Art, Chelsea College of Art. Liberty Antonia continues her academic research and works as a visiting practitioner and tutor on Performance Design & Practice Pathway at Central Saint Martins. Her work has been featured at Whitechapel Gallery, London, ICA, London, BFI Southbank, London, HOME, Manchester, CCA, Glasgow, OXO Gallery, London and in publications WomenCinemakers, Nylon, Polyester & Metro.

Nathalie Du Luart

Natalie Du Luart.JPG

Nathalie's work focuses on the outsiders of our society. She depicts the feeling of agony that isolated, afflicted, and depressed people in deep need for support are experiencing. Both the movements and the expressions of her sculptures remind us how lonely everyday life can paradoxically turn out to be in our hyper-connected world. A profound feeling of pain and strife transpires from her small characters.

Richard Dennis

Richard Dennis.jpeg

Richard Dennis is a London-based artist and MA graduate from Leeds College of Art (2016). He recently completed the professional development programme at St Ives School of Painting (2017/18). Primarily a landscape artist, he often works in situ in places that inspire him or have a particular environmental significance. His work explores themes of transience, place and beauty, interacting with the elements and landscapes he depicts.

Abbie Davies

Abbie Davies

Abbie Davies’s paintings currently explore food and her relationship to a consumerist world, she is interested in the way that we recreate, re-use and interpret.

Her work of late focuses on food packaging and advertisement, items that are both mass produced and mass consumed.Working with both digital and painting techniques, she focuses on merging the two by painting on flat surfaces such as Perspex, board or aluminium in combination with enamel gloss paint, allowing me to illustrate the digital screen in a painterly way.