Creative Christmas Market: Meet the Makers part 4

As we count down to our Creative Christmas Market (30th Nov. 1st & 2nd Dec) we will be inviting you to meet the artists and makers taking part in our 2018 market - welcome to our forth and final instalment!

Terry Weston Millinery

Terry Weston

Terry Weston

Terry's collection for the Christmas Fair is for Autumn/Winter 18. The colour range is predominantly rich and dark, with a few brightly coloured leathers.


Materials used include felt, leather, feathers, metal studs, braids, rubber and plywood. This collection is based around simple circular shapes of various sizes: the challenge has been to make unusual hats from such simple shapes.

Terry Weston Millinery

Making a hat involves working through many stages: stiffening; blocking; wiring; putting in the headband; and last, but certainly not least, deciding how to trim and with what material.


Liberty Antonia Sadler

Liberty Antonia Sadler .JPG

Liberty Antonia works with mediums of drawing, text and moving image to explore issues of 21st century body politics, with a focus on the experience of living in a large ‘femme’ body in a ‘photo-shopped’ world; the new visual rhetoric of perfection through digital manipulation. Working within a socio-political context, her work uses character and playfulness to discuss themes of food, queerness, ‘femininity’, vulnerability and sexuality; her research is explores the power of subjectivity and radical softness through art practice.


Liberty Antonia’s work aims to open discussion about femmeness, imperfection and inequality; with characters’ bordering between a ‘parody of’ and ‘pride in’ being a woman, exploring female stereotypes and Gender Performativity, embracing her own gender exploration. The use of humour as a technique of critique is the basis of Liberty Antonia’s practice, aiming to use it as a device to answer the unspoken dogma of one’s body being one’s collateral and to challenge the male gaze. In homage to the traditions of political satire, often included within her pen & digital colour drawings and performance video pieces, are slogans & text, to combine word & image in the creation of ‘Fine Art comedy’.


Liberty Antonia Sadler will be selling prints, poetry zines and stickers that celebrate body positivity, self love & sexy fun! Liberty Antonia's bold & playful poetry and illustrations explore themes of food, queerness, femininity, vulnerability and sexuality. 


Lucy Irwin

Lucy Irwin

Lucy Irwin is a paper based artist working predominately in collage and print.


Her collages are playfully packed with colour and luscious imagery of femininity. With her neon colours and selectively female iconography she produces kitsch illustrations of sexuality and millennial womanhood. 

Lucy Irwin.jpg

As a self-professed hoarder she likes to collect images and is interested in reusing and subverting images of consumerism. Lucy explores sexuality and gendered attitudes towards the effects of social norms, roles, behaviours, and identities of women and girls.

Lucy Irwin.jpg