Dust London launch at Spare Street

Dust London Bowls first collection launch at Spare Street

Its always such a pleasure seeing creative ideas move out of the studio and into the public domain! Dust London are part of Hotel Elephant's graduates and start-up creative business community at Spare Street. In this post we look back on the success of their first collection launch.

Concrete Vase by Dust London at Spare Street

On Friday 9th June 2017, Hotel Elephant opened its doors to concrete origami enthusiasts, hosting Dust London’s launch event as part of the London Festival of Architecture.

The launch event was designed by Dust London to give people a first taste of their unique process and showcase a range of bespoke concrete sculptures and objects to a wider audience.

Guests were welcomed with a glass of wine and encouraged in to the centre of the space to find concrete objects placed on slender white-washed plinths, designed and assembled specifically for the launch. The track lighting within the space enabled down lighters to be angled to spotlight the objects, casting dramatic shadows of geometric shapes and plant foliage across the space. Grounding the objects back to the birth place of origami, the launch featured the Naka, Kita and Yari; objects borrowing their names from Japanese mountains.

Dust London exhibition at Spare Street

Whilst impressed by the objects on display, as guests meandered around the plinths, little had been revealed about the process. Rumour spread from the mezzanine level of rolling footage providing an insight in to how Dust London work. Whilst being careful not to give too much away, Dust were happy to give their guests an exclusive look at the creative process and allow their audience to appreciate the objects as truly unique pieces. The Dust London launch video can be viewed here.

In conversation Dust London Launch at Spare Street

Sparking imaginations and excitement on the night, Dust London are back in the studio folding and casting orders taken at their launch. Provoking interest within the design community, Dust London are in talks with other gallery spaces and bespoke retailers who are keen to showcase their work. To follow the concrete origarmists on their journey, you will need to be here and for new creations, subscribe via their website www.dustlondon.co

Dust London concrete vase at Spare Street