Crafty Christmas Market: Meet the Artists and Makers (1/3)

We are excited to introduce you to our artists and makers

With just 3 weeks until our Crafty Christmas Market, we are excited to introduce you to the first four of our artists and makers. 

Our market will open its doors on Friday, December 1st from 6pm - 9pm and will be open Saturday and Sunday, December 2nd& 3rd, from 11am - 6pm!

But for now, let's have a look at some beautiful present ideas and Christmas treats. 

Meet Kirsty Riddell

Kirsty studied Painting at Camberwell College of Art, graduating in  2013. Her art practice has always involved creating kaleidoscopic and fragmented fantasy worlds. This has been expressed in a range of media; painting, collage, photography, film and laterally drawing. She has a keen interest in community art and collaborating with other artists where shared ideas in an interdisciplinary approach can be explored.


becky bird

Kirsty’s designs are drawn from her conscious and subconscious thoughts. They flow from a meditative state, focusing and clarifying her mind whilst blurring the lines between fantasy and reality. They are inspired by observing and responding to the world around her; shapes, colours, patterns, emotions, and sounds for example.

Kirsty 2.jpg

With this specific style of working, she doesn’t have a pre-conceived idea of what the overall image will look like, allowing the process to unravel and for the piece to find its own conclusion. This mindful approach feeds her art practice. Kirsty’s most recent and ongoing project, ‘Yellow Brick Road’ has been questioning identity and which path to take in a vibrant city like London, where the range of choice can feel overwhelming and exciting at the same time.

At our Crafty Christmas Market, Kirsty will be selling limited edition giclee prints with and without frames (30x40cm £40, 40x50cm £60), handmade screen printed cotton cushions (£60), wrapping paper (pack of 3 sheets of recycled paper with Christmas design, £5), gift tags (pack of 5 with matching Christmas design as wrapping paper, £2), limited edition screen printed silk scarfs (£160), Origami artwork in frames (£25), and Origami Christmas decorations (£4).

Find out more about Kirsty here


Meet Aisling Keavey


Aisling Keavey is a London and Dublin-based photographic artist, curator and writer. She is an internationally exhibited photographic artist who has developed a distinctive aesthetic through extensive practice-led research and photographic printmaking.

 My beautiful picture

Keavey’s current practice fuses the traditional with the contemporary and is concerned with issues of personal, collective and conflict history, the Irish Diaspora, displacement, migration journeys, post-colonialism, decolonisation and subversion of historical narrative.

 My beautiful picture

Keavey’s body of research themes are manifested through investigative image-based works that aim to inform the audience. By using photography and celluloid film, Keavey is preoccupied with the materiality of the image, the process through which the image is made, and informing and subverting the audience’s perception of a work. This approach considers how the physical and material process of the mechanical focusing of a lens and the act of making an analogue photographic image is used as a metaphor to relate to political history and also as a method of research and practice.


At our Crafty Christmas Market she will be offering her 6x4 mounted prints for £2 each. 

Find out more about Aisling at

Meet Cecilia Washburn

Cecilia Washburn

Cecilia Washburn Designs is based in Brixton, South London. Cecilia is a lover of wildlife and all things colourful and unexpected. Cecilia spends her time intricately studying wildlife to create colourful, bold yet painterly and intricate illustrations and repeat patterns.

cecilia 1.jpg

Cecilia comes from a Fashion Textile background, her designs are textile influenced, trend-driven and as an active artist she is constantly creating new designs and refreshing her product range.

Cecilia Washburn Design products are all made on recycled paper and are designed with high attention to detail and so that the illustrations will be treasured, perhaps framed and have longevity to them, her cards are more than just a card.

At our Crafty Christmas Market, Cecilia will be selling A5 & Square greetings cards (£3 each or 3 for £8), A6 notebooks (£3 each or pack of 3 for £8), A5 notebooks plain & dotted paper (£6 each or pack of 3 for £15), as well as stationary gift sets: Gift box containing 5 cards, 1 A6 notebook, 1 A5 notebook (£20), A4 limited edition Giclee prints of my illustrations (in mountboard £30, framed £45), and A3 limited edition Giclee prints of my illustrations (in mountboard £50, framed £65). 

Meet Wild Goose Chase Kids


Lauren is the founder of Wild Goose Chase. They are a colourful kidswear brand, hand knitting super cozy hats for little ones.

Lauren started knitting about a year ago and fell in love with loom knitting very quickly. Since then she has been spending all my time setting up Wild Goose Chase and has just opened up her Etsy Shop. 

Lauren 2.jpg

Lauren has a strong belief that kids should have free choice in the colours they wear and not have to stick to gender stereotypes. You will never find a 'girls' or 'boys' section in her store allowing children to have the freedom to pick a hat based on what colour they like, not what they feel they should have.


All beanies are handmade on circular looms in their South East London studio. At our Crafty Christmas Market, Lauren will be selling her hats priced at £30 each. There will also be a small bargain collection of one off hats for £15.

See more of Lauren's work at Wild Goose Chase Kids

All artists and makes will be offering exclusive deals to those that RSVP to our event. Register now for exclusive offers at our Crafty Christmas Market! 

Check back next week when we introduce the next four artists and makers !