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How Did They Do It ?


In this unique networking event ArtisTank will give young curators and emerging artists the ability to meet and discuss future plans while learning more about how to use their art to help refugees.

They will have the chance to welcome Art Refuge UK to the event. Art Refuge UK is a small and robust charity applying its expertise in art therapy and working with refugees. They will talk about their experience but also more broadly about how art professionals and artists can be part of such a big cause.

To celebrate the recent opening of their second-hand art material marketplace, we also invite all participants to come along with a second-hand art material that they do not use anymore. We will aim to sell it during the event or later down the line on our marketplace with all benefits will go to Art Refuge UK!

In their mission to foster concrete opportunities ArtisTank will also give the chance to 6 young curators and 6 young artists to meet and discuss future projects/wishes during a speednetworking session. (Does NOT need to be related to helping refugees)

If you want to be part of the speednetworking sessions and have the amazing chance to discuss one-to-one with 6 curators based in London/UK, please purchase a ticket below (profits will also go to Art Refuge UK) and do not forget to bring your portfolio. This is a very unique opportunity and we aim to bring together the most promising artists and curators.

Tickets are free but a second-hand art material gift and Eventbrite registration are required!

If you are a curator willing to be part of the speednetworking session, please contact ArtisTank directly at