National Elephant Day - Our Five Favourites of Elephant & Castle

Monday marked National Elephant Day, so this week we’ve been chatting with our members about our Elephant & Castle, getting recommendations and local tips on what makes this the best area to live and work in London.

Alberto – Sidecar Coffee Bar Manager – The Energy


‘I love Elephant and Castle because it is raw, true, wild, unconventional, irreverant and kind at the same moment, A blend of old style and modernity. A melting pot, funny, vibrant and noisy.’

Fabio – Coworking Member – The Food Scene 


‘For Fabio, for whom Elephant & Castle has been both home and work space for years, the food scene is the main attraction, From the Colombians – Chatica in particular, Ethiopian at Beza, our very own Sidecar Café, Theo’s and Castle Tandoori, Elephant & Castle abounds in options reflective of the variety of the local population.

Naomi – Membership Manager - The Galleries


‘There have always been lots of artists based in Elephant & Castle, but their work was often being shown somewhere else. But, in the past decade or so, a few amazing galleries have been opening up, a favourite of mine is The Drawing Room. It’s just off Rodney Road and, as far as I know, is the only gallery in the UK dedicated exclusively to contemporary drawing. Their programme is super varied, obviously orbiting whatever temporary exhibition they have on, but then accompanying that with lectures, film screenings, workshops, theoretical seminars etc. 

            I’m pretty new at Hotel Elephant, and one of the best things so far about working here is being located between the artists in our own studios and so many brilliant galleries and museums – Tate Modern, obviously, but also South London Gallery, BFI, Hayward, The Immigration Museum, Bermondsey White Cube as a few examples.

            I think if you’re aspiring to work creatively, being near so many inspiring venues is really important. Whether you take yourself off during the day, or can head over for a late opening once you’re finished, it’s a big plus.’

Liberty – Art Studio Member – Loads!


Loads of things. Immediately in Elephant & Castle; there’s Theo’s of course and Mercato Metropolitano is always a good option. And just over the roundabout is The Cinema Museum, which I love. It’s in an old workhouse and has a collection of memorabilia, artefacts and various equipment. A little bit further down the road in Camberwell is The Chateau. That’s a pop-up LQBTIQ+ club and cultural space. Does amazing work, super fun as a club, venue and safe place.’

Ronnie – Resident Pup – The Parks 


Ronnie is a big fan of the local green space. We’re in sniffing distance of St Mary’s, Pasley, Kennington, Burgess, and Elephant Park. Whether on four or two legs, they’re nice to have around.